With a view to politics.


The IPE Institute for Policy Evaluation Saarland provides services for companies and organizations that strive for a better understanding of how political decisions impact the areas in which they are active.


There is no need to simply submit to politics as if they were a force of nature or a sequence of random events. The ramifications of political decisions can be analyzed, and even – using relevant data and models – predicted in order to provide the basis for sound long-term decisions.


The IPE Institute for Policy Evaluation is committed to science-based consulting; reliably and transparently evaluating strategic options for politically decision makers as well as for stakeholders impacted by political measures. It is our aim to present the results of our work in a timely manner, in the highest possible quality, and in a manner that is adequate to the clients’ needs.


Our emphasis lies on quantitative strategy consulting – the empirical evaluation and analysis of all relevant sources – allowing us to take on new perspectives and cross-connections or even to make forecasts. We pride ourselves on maintaining high scientific quality standards while always retaining our focus on the task at hand.